About Us

So what’s with the bee anyway? A very good question asked by many when discovering Bee Easy Brand Rsort Wear for the first time. Aside from the name, there is a lot behind our little fuzz ball of an icon that we call “B”. In the beginning, The Hive swarmed together to produce the best overall look and feel for our brand, Bee Easy. Samples of our sweet concepts (honey, if you will) were passed throughout the colonies and studied with meticulous detail. When creating something this sweet, you can never skip a step or miss a beat…we wanted this to be perfect, just like the intricacies of our hive. If we were going to build the best resort wear line from the ground up, we knew we had to start fresh and keep the buzz going.

“B” reflects all the qualities of what a perfect line of resort wear should be, relaxed with a fresh look and just a little bit of attitude! As the buzz continues to grow and Bee Easy garments swarm the country, we at The Hive have assembled the best drones, worker bees and queens in all the colonies to collaborate in producing a brand with a sweet sense of fashion and style. Since 2005, in sunny Orlando, Florida where there are plenty of nectar producing flowers for our bees, we keep buzzing along! We receive calls and emails on a daily basis from people just like you wanting to partake iof the Bee Easy honey. Thanks to our many fine retailers who carry our fashion forward, great fitting, authentic garments, life is sweeter every day! Sooner or later our swarm will cover the country and beyond! there is no doubt about it, and hundreds of our retail partners across the globe agree! So get ready to be STUNG by the best… Bee Easy Brand Resort Wear! You will be glad you were!


Some of sweet nectar straight from The Hive

Check Out Our Treatments

High Density Ink

This gives a raised feel to the graphic.

Chalkboard Ink

That’s right, you can draw on it.


For the right amount of sparkle.

Metallic Ink

A screen printed ink that has a natural shine.


Did someone say bling?

Nail Heads

A more subtle fashion treatment


A great alternative for text and logos


Reflective material incorporated in the design

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